Bankruptcy and Divorce

Debt Relief Lawyers in Burnsville & St. Paul

It's common knowledge that financial issues are the cause of a large portion of divorces. With this being such a well known fact, it's interesting that most divorce lawyer websites talk extensively about asset division, but it's hard to find information on how to divide debt through a divorce.

If you are facing a divorce, and would like to understand your options for eliminating, reducing or restructuring debt, (either as an individual or filing jointly) the experienced bankruptcy lawyers at Wendling Law Office can help. We have extensive experience working with couples who are facing, or have recently completed a divorce.

Simplifying your Financial Situation Before Divorce

If you are going to be getting divorced, and know that the amount of debt that you share with your spouse is going to be a point of contention throughout the proceedings, bankruptcy may be a solution. Not only do both parties typically walk away with less debt, but because the financial situation is more simple than it would have been, the legal fees related to your divorce can (in some cases) be reduced as well.

A fresh start after your divorce

If you have already been divorced, and ended up walking away from the relationship with more than your share of debt, or know that with your new financial situation the debt will be unmanageable, we can help. Bankruptcy may allow you to discharge outstanding debts and allow you to focus on your new family structure instead of being harassed by creditors and struggling to make minimum payments every month.

When Neither Spouse wants to keep a house that's underwater

In most divorces, the issue of who will keep the house is typically one of the largest financial issues to be settled. In cases where the house is mortgaged for far more than the current value, it might make sense to walk away from the house so that neither spouse is left with the financial liability of a house that's underwater. This can be a complex area of bankruptcy law, so it's difficult to offer any advice that would be applicable to all situations. That is why the lawyers at Wendling and Associates offer a free initial consultation so that we can aim to understand your specific situation and explain how the bankruptcy laws would apply to you.

Free Consultations - Open Lines of Communication with your Divorce Lawyer

We understand that going through any family law issue can cause a lot of stress in your day to day life. We aim to give divorcing couples seeking debt relief one less thing to worry about through the process. We provide a free initial consultation for you, your spouse or both and are happy to communicate with your divorce lawyer to ensure that we are all on the same page and working towards the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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From our office in Burnsville, the experienced bankruptcy lawyers at Wendling Law Office can help you achieve a new financial beginning after a divorce. Don't start your new life with your spouse's credit card debt or get stuck with a house that's underwater as part of your divorce settlement.